Friday, 30 December 2016


Skoda unveiled the facelifted Octavia few months back. The Czech automaker has now disclosed its high performance kin - the Octavia RS. It has a revised front-end that is same to the facelifted Octavia, and is equipped with 2.0 litre petrol and diesel engines. The Octavia RS is accessible in two body lines- Sedan and estate.

The petrol model is powered by a 2.0-litre TSI engine that is rated at 227bhp and delivers a peak torque of 350Nm. This translates to a 9bhp bump in power, as compared to the earlier model. It is available with a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard, while a 6-speed DSG is offered as an option, both of them delivering power to the front wheels. Skoda claims that the new Octavia RS petrol can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 6.7 seconds, before hitting its top speed of 250 km/h. The diesel model gets the same 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine from the pre-facelift variant, which delivers 181bhp and 380Nm of torque. The diesel RS is available with a front-wheel drive as well as all-wheel drive setup; the former available with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed DSG, while the latter only gets the 6-speed DSG.

Skoda claims a 0-100 km/h time of 7.9 seconds for the Octavia RS diesel, while its top speed is rated at 232 km/h. The car shares most of the design cues with the new facelifted Octavia, including the characteristic split-headlights. Major changes include a new front bumper with wider air dams, redesigned front grille, a new black diffuser element on the rear bumper and standard LED taillights. The interiors feature an all-black theme, with RS-Sport seats, a multi-function sports steering and standard ambient lighting. The new Octavia RS additionally accompanies numerous driver help innovations like Trailer Assist, Blind Spot Detect and Rear Traffic Alert. Another Crew Protect Assist highlight is likewise being offered which closes windows and sunroofs in the event of an unavoidable mischance. It likewise fixes driver and traveler safety belts to minimize tenant wounds, and works with the Front Assist framework to evade the crash utilizing city crisis stopping mechanism.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


One of the india's top most selling car Maruti SWIFT Dzire tour is likely to be stopped in early 2017. Maruti's superhit passenger vehicle series SWIFT captured indian car market a lot. Now Maruthi is planning to stop it's sedan Dzire Tour production by March next year. The spare and service support from Maruti will continue. The carmaker will stop production of the Dzire Tour to make way for the new Dzire expected to be launched around March..  sources from automobile industry confirmed it.

Sources said that Maruti already told it's dealers about the plans to stop the production of the Tour. However, in March 2012, the old Dzire was relaunched in stripped-down model to enter the corporate and taxi segment in India. Now on Indian roads most cab services are using Dzire tour. Luxury and performance mixed Dzire tour was got popularity in all states.

Now Maruti is planning to make some changes and to planning to launch a new strip down model in the current Dzire which will be pushed in the fleet segment. While an upgrade and feature rich Dzire is expected to come for the personal use. Dzire Tour has been selling well in the range of 2,500 to 3,000 units a month. During november 2016 it sold 3,017 Dzire Tours pan india.

Maruti already stopped production of its hatchback Ritz. Automobile experts saying that stopping these models is a strategy to push Its Baleno and Brezza. Maruti Ignis is also ready to hit market.. so, diverting the Dzire tour lovers to baleno, brezza, Ignis is necessary to Maruti.

At the same time Maruti is struggling to produce more units of Baleno and Brezza due to the demand of existing models like Ritz and Dzire tour. so, it is also one reason to take the step. 

Monday, 26 December 2016

Ready to ride new YAMAHA 250cc bike in new year

Yamaha is preparing a naked motorcycle with 250 cc engine.. Its name is FZ 25. This motorcycle is looking like all FZ series bikes currently sold in India. Same design and same features.. but some new additonal features also there. In the FZ 25 the front forks are thick and the parts around exhaust also little bit different.

Metalic logo of Yamaha placed on the fuel tank... It is with 250 cc engine, and sure it will give good performance than existing FZ series of bikes.  Now it is in final tests. the bike's rear seat has big print.. that is ‘Yamaha’. Automobile industry people are saying that yamaha is planning to inroduce vibrant colours to it's FZ25.

Features may be like this..

Both the headlamps and tail-lamps can be LED-units. The engine is an air + oil cooled unit  like the Pulsar 220. The tank provides the forward biased design to the motorcycle. Those tank extensions enhance the visual appeal and add muscle. The short exhaust is like other FZ series. there may be disk breakes in front and rear wheels. digital dashboard and some other digital technologies may appear in it. Yamaha is selling a 250 cc bike in brazil with 250cc and it is super hit model in brazil. The upcoming FZ 25 also may conquer all other bikes in this segment in india.

Sunday, 25 December 2016


Go ... Go ... tuphanula fumingly drifting clouds moving baikmida sing that separates the kick. However, the new model of the bike market, however, closer to thwart urakalese enthusiasm ... the new model Anna phonanna bike so mad that we will kurrakaruku. So, various companies compete and create most new designs. Our forward in the future to do so in the next few bikes ... on the wings of a lukkeddama todigi ...
This bike is designed to resemble the movements of the muscles in our body is unique. The wings of the structures on either side of the carriage driving a fast bike, we will come closer to the pattinatlu. However, due to the turns, turning away from the wings to the cart will go much more smoothly. This bike is designed by designer Kim Min siyong comes to the market as soon as possible. The form is in the style identa telustondanukunta watching ...
Harley-Davidson Adhurs
"I do not know the bike and the engine capacity adaragottesela ... the original veltunnatle '... chat is not always similar," Variety is the bike, the bikes do not ... actually ... ... do not worry as the Harley-Davidson 2020 ceppukovaliga as well as anyone after watching matladatarlendi. It is located at an altitude of almost the bike will be a big rings. So, that is stylish bike wheels impressive sight. However, when it comes to the engine capacity of 883 cc.
Bike Car
Spent a million bikes will not be comfortable travel at all times. However, it is essentially the word of oppukovalsina. Switzerland is an alternative to the company's ekomobail rupondincinde 'peravs monotresar jet bike. In the two-wheel drive car, which is even better. Karulane It is closed on both sides of the door are two seats to sit inside. The bike is driven at a speed of 155 miles per hour to a maximum of yakselaretar pedal, the steering wheel is in addition to the facilities. Idunte bike riding can be enjoyed, even if the road is easily velloccu bagoka, saukaryanganu prayanincoccannamata over the car.
The three-wheeled bike
Nadapadaniki cuddaniki of bikes, Honda, 3 HR-Sea Bike 'is also convenient for the car. The two wheels at the front of the bike to one of the rear wheels only. But baikmidala travel long distances if there is no fear of lumbago with information. Proceeds venakkuvali because sitting in seat capacity. Moreover, when the dust padakundanu rain tadavakundanu button is pressed to the back seat of the bike gets up. It is arranged in front of the car turns into a matching mirror.
Pollution check
Innovative Bicycle mean less than the Honda Cub baikki bike designed by designer Sam jilbart. The fact is the diniko. Hydrogen fuel cell does not work with the pollution caused by vehicles and other gasoline. If someone does not contribute usefully to less than baruvundadam.
Abbayilaku girls
"Abbayilakena ammayilakodda bikes ..." he recently learned that girls also driving the bike. So, to meet the girls gossiping such as to ensure that the scooter saukaryanganu vinutnanganu rupondincinde boys 'Suzuki concept bike Stridor Ji'. Cc engine capable of 916 foot pedal the bike, back rest, including the windshield ... and they can be changed by pressing the button.
What style seen ...
"Oh ... wrote ... rangu form the style that ..." he pogidinanta girls kurrakaru pogidestuntaru better bikes. In their mind, such as the "Ferrari V 4 Motor saikilnu layoff terms. Thus, Israel's designer, "Aamir glinik 'by taking inspiration from Ferrari car model entomandiki favorite out of the bike and from the market. At the karlunnanta is actually in style!
Ivekadu, jumping the bull, tiger ... kummadanikostunna There are a lot of bikes in various attractive forms. Whew ... a lot earlier before turning to distinguish the bikes we custamannamata littering.


Impact the automobile industry, the cancellation of the notes. Sales of passenger vehicles in the country last month, the growth rate was only 1.82 per cent. In February this year, the growth rate for the industry was the first time that such a low level. The two wheeler sales fell by almost 6 per cent. A significant drop in sales in rural areas Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) said. Pyasembar November last year, sales were 2,40,979. 2,36,664 vehicles sold in the same month a year earlier.

Domestic passenger car sales rose to 1,73,606 from 1,73,111. Sales of commercial vehicles jumped by 11.58 per cent to 45.771. All categories, vehicle sales reached 5.48 per cent to 15,63,665 from 16,54,407.
Due to the festive season in October, the stock of companies pampayani to dealers, the result did not seem to affect the levels of wholesale SIAM Director General Vishnu Mathur said. Phainansdenani said 85 per cent of passenger vehicle sales.

People in rural areas wheeler viniyogistuntarani cash purchases, due to the cancellation of the notes has been significantly affected by the sale, he said. Sales of utility vehicles grew 10.01 per cent in November, the lowest growth in the last ten months, he said that there has never been. After the dissolution of the currency's decline in the number of customers coming into showrooms during the first week, after a while, he said, has been to improve the situation. The prevailing situation in the temporary cerukuntundanna to restore confidence in the auto industry in January, he said. .. However, the total vehicle sales in April-November reached 12.5 per cent to 1,54,20,035 from 1,37,07,157.


Automobile companies in the country to reverse its strategy. In the wake of a sharp rise in demand for diesel cars than petrol veriyantlake a special focus on groups of companies. One of every two cars sold in the diesel variant kagaprastutam nalugendla ago, the ratio is one of the four is the only diesel vehicle. Petrol, diesel prices, the difference between the steep fall in the wake of the petrol vehicles than diesel vehicles and discrimination in favor of making a purchase, according to industry sources.

Besides Delhi and surrounding areas, diesel vehicles with engine capacity greater than 2,000 cc, the Supreme Court imposed a ban on the sale of this type of car sansthalantunnayi adverse effect discrimination. Crude oil prices in the international market in the wake of a sharp fall in petrol and diesel prices, major changes have taken place. In view of the growing demand for diesel cars than petrol cars, Mercedes-Benz announced that it would cease production. Diesel vehicles at dealers across the country to sell goods and automobile companies to see how the situation arthamavutunnadi siddhamavutunnayante. Currently, major changes took place in the field of automobile, diesel karukosam hatchback comes with an additional cost of Rs one lakh customers switched to petrol karlake shown in the automobile, the sources said.

Veriyentla share of diesel cars sold in India in the month of May, the total had fallen to 26 per cent of Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association (SIAM), Deputy Director General sugato Sen said. Nalugendla ago this share was 52 per cent. Lifted by the central government to take control of the two fuels to lessen the gap between the two prices. In July 2012, the petrol-diesel price of Rs .27.2 the difference between the currently reduced to Rs 10. Delhi's retail market related to these prices. While .2.72 per kilometer in 2012, the cost of maintenance can be reduced to the level which is currently Rs 1.75. It is 14 kilometers per liter of petrol, diesel and 19 kilometers per liter, based on the mileage of the car confirmed the figures. This time, expenditure on petrol, Rs .4.89 kilometer declined to Rs .4.62, an expenditure of Rs .2.17 diesel rose to Rs .2.87. More funds are being spent for diesel technology, a massive decline in the difference between the petrol-diesel price discrimination Hyundai customers prefer to buy them, Rakesh Srivastava, senior vice-president.

Friday, 23 December 2016

2017 Duke 390.. the 12 Changes

Indian bike riders enjoying the entry level performance bikes from KTM.  One of the most interesting among KTM bikes.. one which has the potential to come here the earliest, is the Duke 390. While we did see the inclusion of slipper clutch earlier let’s have a look at all the changes that have been brought in. some are major and some are minor.

These are the main changes in 2017 Duke 390 Old and New Versions

Design: Last but not the least, the ‘Corner Rocket’ gets a body style which makes it look sharper and meaner than the outgoing bike!
Engine: The 373.2 cc 44 PS engine churns out 37 Nm of torque now, which is 2 Nm more than the current version on sale. Both the power and torque peak earlier as well.
Fuel Tank: The fuel tank in the new motorcycle can store 13.4 litre of petrol which is a generous jump from the puny 11 litre unit of the outgoing Duke.
Ground Clearance: The ground clearance in the 2017 Duke 390 is higher at 185 mm than the 170 mm of the existing model. This may be because of the removal of underbelly exhaust.
Disc brake: The front wheel gets a 320 mm disc in the 2017 edition, whereas the outgoing version had a smaller 300 mm diameter disc. The rear continues to be a 230 mm unit.
Weight: Yes, that’s one area where KTM’s have always excelled. With Euro4 compliance and bigger canister exhaust, the weight was bound to increase. However, the engineers have been able to restrict it at 149 kg (dry). The 2015 version has a dry weight of 139 kg – which means a 10 kg increment.
Suspension Travel: At 142 mm, the front suspension has slightly lesser travel as compared to the 150 mm of the outgoing version.
Ride by Wire: The new Duke 390 also gets ride by wire which will help it gain a crisper throttle response.
Headlamp: Like Dominar 400, the headlamps of Duke 390 are all-LED now and will hopefully offer better illumination. This should be a much needed upgrade as a lot of current Duke 390 owners complain about the inadequate light throw of the current model.
Cockpit: The new TFT display also promises to be a lot more readable than the LCD unit found in the outgoing version. Controls for the new display are placed on the left handlebar.
Smartphone Connectivity: The optional MyRide multimedia interface will provide smartphone connectivity, which will allow you to use the screen as a navigation display.
Adjustable Levers: 2017 Duke 390 also gets adjustable front brake and clutch lever.
New Exhaust: Assisting this is a new side mounted exhaust system including a link pipe and a canister. The 2015 edition sold in India has a compact three chamber underbelly canister.
Emission Norms: 2017 Duke 390 now complies to the latest Euro4 emission norms which means that the Indian version will not just be safe with the upcoming BSIV norms (which come into effect from April 2017), but will also meet the stricter European regulations. The outgoing model adheres to BSIII/Euro 3 emission norms.


Dash cams are very important and practical use, mainly by recording traffic incidents so you don't get blamed. In 2016 many dash came to the market and served lakhs of drivers.

some of them..

1. ProofCam RAC 05

2. Thinkware F770

3. NextBase Duo TwinCam

4. Garmin Dash Cam 30

5. ProofCam RAC 03

6. Mio MiVue 688

7. NextBase RIDE

8. Cobra CDR 900E

9. Garmin NuviCam

These are all available in UK and in some other countries. they all automatically record footage when they sense a collision. some extra features also in it. 

don't mix DRIVING in DRINK

supreme court's ban on sale of alcohol on highways is with a valid reason..

Deadly roads in 2015: total 5,01,423 accidents
Total deaths in accidents: 1,46,133

* Highways account for almost half of all road accidents

accidents on state and national highways: 52 %
on other roads: 48%

fatalities in highway accidents: 63 %
on other roads: 37%

* in an average 1 death in every 3 highway accidents
* on normal roads.. 1 death per 4 accidents

top 5 states in number of national highway accidents

* Uttarprades: 7773
* Tamilnadu: 5752
* Maharastra: 3789
* rajasthan: 3709
* karnataka: 3657

Due to alcohol 

* 16298 accidents
* 6755 fatalities
* 18813 injuries

**** so don't mix DRIVING in DRINK****