Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Royal Enfield.. The name is really suitalble to that bikes. Enfields give Royal look to the riders. no doubt it the kings of all bikes. Heavy body, strong look, High performance, solidness are the great qualities of this bike. Now the royal enfield is coming vibrant colours. Every thing is same.. the only change is colours. The new royal enfield classic 350s are in beautiful colours.

Royal Enfield has launched the 2017 Classic 350 model. And also named it Redditch Series. The name Redditch came from Briton. It is   town in Briton. Hope you know Briton is the birthplace of Royal Enfield.. thats why the company named the new series Redditch. These new models are in remembrance of the same heritage.

what are the new colours..?

The new Enfiled is in 3 new colors. Redditch Red, Redditch Blue and Redditch Green. The new colour theme features are  limited to the fuel tank only.  the rest of the motorcycle parts are black in colour lending them a dual-tone essence. The good part is that apart from the RE logo, there are no stickers which make them look cleaner. Mechanically, the 2017 Redditch Classic 350 continues with the same 346 cc engine which produces 19.8 bhp of peak power and 28 Nm of max torque.

2017 Classic 350 Redditch Price & Availability

These models are in addition to the existing colours. Bookings for the 2017 Classic 350 Redditch will open from 7th January across all Royal Enfield showrooms and their on-road prices are as under…

2017 Classic 350 Redditch Delhi: Rs 1,46,093
2017 Classic 350 Redditch Mumbai: Rs 1,57,577
2017 Classic 350 Redditch Chennai: Rs 1,47,831
2017 Classic 350 Redditch Bengaluru: Rs 1,55,456
2017 Classic 350 Redditch Hyderabad: Rs 1,49,340

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