Monday, 26 December 2016

Ready to ride new YAMAHA 250cc bike in new year

Yamaha is preparing a naked motorcycle with 250 cc engine.. Its name is FZ 25. This motorcycle is looking like all FZ series bikes currently sold in India. Same design and same features.. but some new additonal features also there. In the FZ 25 the front forks are thick and the parts around exhaust also little bit different.

Metalic logo of Yamaha placed on the fuel tank... It is with 250 cc engine, and sure it will give good performance than existing FZ series of bikes.  Now it is in final tests. the bike's rear seat has big print.. that is ‘Yamaha’. Automobile industry people are saying that yamaha is planning to inroduce vibrant colours to it's FZ25.

Features may be like this..

Both the headlamps and tail-lamps can be LED-units. The engine is an air + oil cooled unit  like the Pulsar 220. The tank provides the forward biased design to the motorcycle. Those tank extensions enhance the visual appeal and add muscle. The short exhaust is like other FZ series. there may be disk breakes in front and rear wheels. digital dashboard and some other digital technologies may appear in it. Yamaha is selling a 250 cc bike in brazil with 250cc and it is super hit model in brazil. The upcoming FZ 25 also may conquer all other bikes in this segment in india.

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