Sunday, 25 December 2016


Go ... Go ... tuphanula fumingly drifting clouds moving baikmida sing that separates the kick. However, the new model of the bike market, however, closer to thwart urakalese enthusiasm ... the new model Anna phonanna bike so mad that we will kurrakaruku. So, various companies compete and create most new designs. Our forward in the future to do so in the next few bikes ... on the wings of a lukkeddama todigi ...
This bike is designed to resemble the movements of the muscles in our body is unique. The wings of the structures on either side of the carriage driving a fast bike, we will come closer to the pattinatlu. However, due to the turns, turning away from the wings to the cart will go much more smoothly. This bike is designed by designer Kim Min siyong comes to the market as soon as possible. The form is in the style identa telustondanukunta watching ...
Harley-Davidson Adhurs
"I do not know the bike and the engine capacity adaragottesela ... the original veltunnatle '... chat is not always similar," Variety is the bike, the bikes do not ... actually ... ... do not worry as the Harley-Davidson 2020 ceppukovaliga as well as anyone after watching matladatarlendi. It is located at an altitude of almost the bike will be a big rings. So, that is stylish bike wheels impressive sight. However, when it comes to the engine capacity of 883 cc.
Bike Car
Spent a million bikes will not be comfortable travel at all times. However, it is essentially the word of oppukovalsina. Switzerland is an alternative to the company's ekomobail rupondincinde 'peravs monotresar jet bike. In the two-wheel drive car, which is even better. Karulane It is closed on both sides of the door are two seats to sit inside. The bike is driven at a speed of 155 miles per hour to a maximum of yakselaretar pedal, the steering wheel is in addition to the facilities. Idunte bike riding can be enjoyed, even if the road is easily velloccu bagoka, saukaryanganu prayanincoccannamata over the car.
The three-wheeled bike
Nadapadaniki cuddaniki of bikes, Honda, 3 HR-Sea Bike 'is also convenient for the car. The two wheels at the front of the bike to one of the rear wheels only. But baikmidala travel long distances if there is no fear of lumbago with information. Proceeds venakkuvali because sitting in seat capacity. Moreover, when the dust padakundanu rain tadavakundanu button is pressed to the back seat of the bike gets up. It is arranged in front of the car turns into a matching mirror.
Pollution check
Innovative Bicycle mean less than the Honda Cub baikki bike designed by designer Sam jilbart. The fact is the diniko. Hydrogen fuel cell does not work with the pollution caused by vehicles and other gasoline. If someone does not contribute usefully to less than baruvundadam.
Abbayilaku girls
"Abbayilakena ammayilakodda bikes ..." he recently learned that girls also driving the bike. So, to meet the girls gossiping such as to ensure that the scooter saukaryanganu vinutnanganu rupondincinde boys 'Suzuki concept bike Stridor Ji'. Cc engine capable of 916 foot pedal the bike, back rest, including the windshield ... and they can be changed by pressing the button.
What style seen ...
"Oh ... wrote ... rangu form the style that ..." he pogidinanta girls kurrakaru pogidestuntaru better bikes. In their mind, such as the "Ferrari V 4 Motor saikilnu layoff terms. Thus, Israel's designer, "Aamir glinik 'by taking inspiration from Ferrari car model entomandiki favorite out of the bike and from the market. At the karlunnanta is actually in style!
Ivekadu, jumping the bull, tiger ... kummadanikostunna There are a lot of bikes in various attractive forms. Whew ... a lot earlier before turning to distinguish the bikes we custamannamata littering.

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