Sunday, 25 December 2016


Automobile companies in the country to reverse its strategy. In the wake of a sharp rise in demand for diesel cars than petrol veriyantlake a special focus on groups of companies. One of every two cars sold in the diesel variant kagaprastutam nalugendla ago, the ratio is one of the four is the only diesel vehicle. Petrol, diesel prices, the difference between the steep fall in the wake of the petrol vehicles than diesel vehicles and discrimination in favor of making a purchase, according to industry sources.

Besides Delhi and surrounding areas, diesel vehicles with engine capacity greater than 2,000 cc, the Supreme Court imposed a ban on the sale of this type of car sansthalantunnayi adverse effect discrimination. Crude oil prices in the international market in the wake of a sharp fall in petrol and diesel prices, major changes have taken place. In view of the growing demand for diesel cars than petrol cars, Mercedes-Benz announced that it would cease production. Diesel vehicles at dealers across the country to sell goods and automobile companies to see how the situation arthamavutunnadi siddhamavutunnayante. Currently, major changes took place in the field of automobile, diesel karukosam hatchback comes with an additional cost of Rs one lakh customers switched to petrol karlake shown in the automobile, the sources said.

Veriyentla share of diesel cars sold in India in the month of May, the total had fallen to 26 per cent of Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association (SIAM), Deputy Director General sugato Sen said. Nalugendla ago this share was 52 per cent. Lifted by the central government to take control of the two fuels to lessen the gap between the two prices. In July 2012, the petrol-diesel price of Rs .27.2 the difference between the currently reduced to Rs 10. Delhi's retail market related to these prices. While .2.72 per kilometer in 2012, the cost of maintenance can be reduced to the level which is currently Rs 1.75. It is 14 kilometers per liter of petrol, diesel and 19 kilometers per liter, based on the mileage of the car confirmed the figures. This time, expenditure on petrol, Rs .4.89 kilometer declined to Rs .4.62, an expenditure of Rs .2.17 diesel rose to Rs .2.87. More funds are being spent for diesel technology, a massive decline in the difference between the petrol-diesel price discrimination Hyundai customers prefer to buy them, Rakesh Srivastava, senior vice-president.

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