Friday, 23 December 2016

2017 Duke 390.. the 12 Changes

Indian bike riders enjoying the entry level performance bikes from KTM.  One of the most interesting among KTM bikes.. one which has the potential to come here the earliest, is the Duke 390. While we did see the inclusion of slipper clutch earlier let’s have a look at all the changes that have been brought in. some are major and some are minor.

These are the main changes in 2017 Duke 390 Old and New Versions

Design: Last but not the least, the ‘Corner Rocket’ gets a body style which makes it look sharper and meaner than the outgoing bike!
Engine: The 373.2 cc 44 PS engine churns out 37 Nm of torque now, which is 2 Nm more than the current version on sale. Both the power and torque peak earlier as well.
Fuel Tank: The fuel tank in the new motorcycle can store 13.4 litre of petrol which is a generous jump from the puny 11 litre unit of the outgoing Duke.
Ground Clearance: The ground clearance in the 2017 Duke 390 is higher at 185 mm than the 170 mm of the existing model. This may be because of the removal of underbelly exhaust.
Disc brake: The front wheel gets a 320 mm disc in the 2017 edition, whereas the outgoing version had a smaller 300 mm diameter disc. The rear continues to be a 230 mm unit.
Weight: Yes, that’s one area where KTM’s have always excelled. With Euro4 compliance and bigger canister exhaust, the weight was bound to increase. However, the engineers have been able to restrict it at 149 kg (dry). The 2015 version has a dry weight of 139 kg – which means a 10 kg increment.
Suspension Travel: At 142 mm, the front suspension has slightly lesser travel as compared to the 150 mm of the outgoing version.
Ride by Wire: The new Duke 390 also gets ride by wire which will help it gain a crisper throttle response.
Headlamp: Like Dominar 400, the headlamps of Duke 390 are all-LED now and will hopefully offer better illumination. This should be a much needed upgrade as a lot of current Duke 390 owners complain about the inadequate light throw of the current model.
Cockpit: The new TFT display also promises to be a lot more readable than the LCD unit found in the outgoing version. Controls for the new display are placed on the left handlebar.
Smartphone Connectivity: The optional MyRide multimedia interface will provide smartphone connectivity, which will allow you to use the screen as a navigation display.
Adjustable Levers: 2017 Duke 390 also gets adjustable front brake and clutch lever.
New Exhaust: Assisting this is a new side mounted exhaust system including a link pipe and a canister. The 2015 edition sold in India has a compact three chamber underbelly canister.
Emission Norms: 2017 Duke 390 now complies to the latest Euro4 emission norms which means that the Indian version will not just be safe with the upcoming BSIV norms (which come into effect from April 2017), but will also meet the stricter European regulations. The outgoing model adheres to BSIII/Euro 3 emission norms.

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