Wednesday, 2 November 2016



APRILIA SR 150 is India’s first moto sport scooter. Aprilia SR 150 R, which was first showed at the Auto Expo earlier this year, looks unlike any other scooter. Automotive world created new classification for the vehicle, that is ‘Sport-Scooterbike’. Really appropriate title for it.

The great thing in SR 150 is it's wheels. At 14 inches across, they are the largest on any scooter in india. onemore thing that is instantly noticeable about the SR 150 is its overall length. That's why it has good wheel base.It has headlamp on the body instead of on the handlebar, the short stepped seat, a superb paint job and an even better set of stickered graphics. No. There is no argument on this aspect. The Aprilia SR 150 brings the best of the world of Italian design into the indian scooter market. Every thing is good but there is no special features in it. customary under-seat storage box and a hook up front to hang.. there isn’t even a parking brake or a side stand. so, it is not cheaper when compared to same features scooters, has equivalent value in a two wheeler of this sort. But for style and look its price is very good.
The target riders of the Aprilia SR 150 is the consumer who aspires for the excitement of a motorcycle but desires the convenience and practicality of a scooter. As far as the eye is concerned, the SR 150 effortlessly straddles the twin worlds of the scooter and the motorcycle.

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