Thursday, 22 September 2016



The immortal Toyota Corolla, which is sold in 150 countries, turns 50 this year. The Corolla is the world’s most popular car, and since 1997 it is the world’s best-selling model. The Japanese automaker highlighted in an official release that it has sold more than 44 million units of the Corolla worldwide since the original model was introduced in Japan in 1966.

Toyota Corolla   A purpose-built factory was opened in Takaoka, Japan for the production of the original Corolla. And the first-generation model became Japan’s top-selling vehicle within three years. Speaking of the original Corolla, it was designed to be a ‘people’s car,’ and was introduced in saloon and estate body styles. Some of the unique features in the original Corolla were a floor-mounted gear lever, individual front bucket seats with generous padding and a spacious rear bench, which were unusual in cars of that era. The name ‘Corolla’ was coined from a latin term for a ‘crown of flowers’!

Toyota Corolla   Currently, in its eleventh-generation, the Corolla is manufactured in sixteen plants worldwide. And in Toyota’s 79-year of history, one in every five new vehicles sold globally has been a Corolla. There are two versions of the Corolla on sale globally – North American and European-Asian version. In India, Toyota introduced the ninth-generation Corolla in 2003 and the current eleventh-gen model is due for a mid-life update.

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