Sunday, 4 October 2015

Bajaj Avenger with new look

Bajaj Motorcycles is ready to launch its cruiser model again.. the new Avenger is all set to come into market this month. Now it is not Avenger... it is Avenger Street.

The new avenger's design is same as the older one. Bajaj has stuck to the same design.. But there are some changes in the new version.. the new avenger gets new alloy wheels, which resembles the ones on the Harley-Davidson Street 750. The long seat is new and looks better cushioned. The handle bar has been blacked out to give the bike a more rugged look. While the overall layout of the instrument cluster is the same as the old one. this time avenger has a digital odometer. stickering on fuel tank made this bike little bit ordinary bikes.. but not as cruiser model.
The fuel tank, front fender, exhaust, headlight and turn indicators are the same that we see on the current Avenger. The all-black theme on this new Avenger worked really well as it gives the bike a completely new look. However, like we mentioned above, only few things are new on this bike, which includes a nice sticker job. The engine displacement of this new bike is still unclear but it surely is an air-cooled one. The right side of the bike has a number printed on it. However, due to the low resolution of these pictures, we are unable to tell you the exact displacement figure.

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