Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Air pressure

Always maintain recommended levels of air pressures in tyres. recommendations are availabe in users manuals of bikes.  low levels of air pressures in tyres effects mileage and some times it may cause losing driver's controle on bike. so, maintaining proper air pressure is most important.


Both rear and front brakes should have the right amount of free play. To check that brakes are not binding, put the bike on the main stand and ensure that both the wheels turn freely.

Air filter

Always keep the air filter clean.. Change the air filter at recommended intervals. if you ride your bike in dusty conditions, then you have clean it more frequently.


Clutch should be adjusted properly and should have free play. If it ove tightened, it may cause accidents. And an over tightened clutch increase the fuel consumption also.

Spark Plug

Always keep the spark plug clean, don't make it get rusted.. check it frequently.


The chain should be well lubricated and should be inspected every 500-700 kilometers, or twice in a month. The chain should be able to move roughly one inch up and one inch down.

Engine Oil

Change engline oil time to time. Running the bike on thickened oil will not only increase fuel consumption but also reduce the life of the engine. so, change the engine oil in recommended intervels. It is better to change the oil after every 2,500 kilometers travel. Use always good quality engine oils.

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